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Project Cornerstone

What is Project Cornerstone

The Search Institute surveyed students in our county and identified developmentally appropriate sets of assets for elementary-age children. Developmental assets are a framework of 41 building blocks that are the foundation for enhancing the health and well-being of children and youth. They are the experiences and opportunities that all young people need to grow into healthy, responsible adults. The Booksin faculty, staff and parents work together with Project Cornerstone to support development of these assets in our children.

Cornerstone Leadership Kids

The Cornerstone Leadership Program at Booksin is based on the forty-one developmental assets that support children and youth so they can thrive. It is the intention to build these assets with young children, with the focus on sustaining and increasing their optimum relationships/interactions with peers and adults. Booksin students volunteer their time before and after school and at lunch as Big Buddies, Garden Guardians, Library Helpers, Parking Lot Greeters, Peace Monitors, and Safety Patrol Officers to ensure that students have opportunities to serve their school community in meaningful and beneficial ways.

ABC Reader Program

Parent volunteers are first trained to be Asset Building Champion (ABC) readers, then later visit classrooms to read stories and lead discussions designed to increase the number of developmental assets in all students.  Particular attention is given to teaching children how to deal with bullies and not engage in bullying behavior themselves.

Fun Fridays

On Fridays, dedicated parent volunteers organize special games and activities during lunch recess. Students may choose from a menu of make-and-take crafts designed specifically for them. Fun Fridays bring parents, staff, and children together in a relaxed atmosphere that nurtures our Booksin community.

Check out the Cornerstone books:

  • September: Have You Filled a Bucket Today
  • October: Simon’s Hook
  • November: Say Something
  • January: Trouble Talk
  • February: Nobody Knew What to Do
  • March: The EmpyPot
  • April: One
  • May: Recess Queen